He also suggests some healthy comfort food to see you through winter.

10 ways to keep your January health kick going


The mastermind behind #LeanIn15 and very fit person Joe Wicks is here to offer up 12 tips that might just get you through the pain of your January health kick…

1. Don’t make drastic changes straight away

“The first mistake people make in January is they try to cut everything out. They’ll stop drinking, they’ll train loads. They go from one extreme to the other. It’s about making small adjustments as opposed to doing everything at once. Start by planning your workouts into the week, so you might do three or four sessions a week so you know it’s coming, and then start to cut things out.”

2. After your workout you should eat carby comfort food

“[I like comfort food like] sausage casserole and quick curries, things that you might think are unhealthy but if you eat them at the right time – after a workout – it’s actually good for you. For post workout meals it’s all about carbohydrates – burger and chips, curry with rice. You can eat them after you train as like a refuel.”

3. Carbs are not the enemy

Carbs don’t make you gain body fat, it’s overeating and storing extra energy that makes you gain body fat. If you prefer getting your energy from fats then have more fats and have less carbs, but if you prefer getting your energy from carbs then obviously you can eat more carbs and reduce your fats. ALWAYS have carbs after you train.”

4. Prep your food ahead so you’re less likely to be tempted

“Another thing I talk about which is important is prepping like a boss. Go food shopping and prep your meals ahead, so if you’re out and about all the time at least you know your lunch and dinner are ready for when you’re home. If you leave the house with nothing healthy and prepared, you’re left with fast food which isn’t really good. Prepping your food is really important.”

5. Snack on fats rather than sugars

“My favourite healthy snacks are nuts – I love making nut butters like cashew and almond butter. I also like making guacamole, I always snack on fatty things as opposed to sugary things. Avocados, nut butters, rice cakes with peanut butter.”

6. A 25 minute workout can burn a lot of fat

“I think HIIT workouts are the best to stick to longterm because if you’re really busy, it’s 25 minutes of work, you can do it anywhere. You get so fit so quick, you burn loads of fat. It’s the best thing you can do and feel awesome afterwards.”

7. You don’t have to diet – you can eat MORE and burn fat

“My philosophy is not about a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about being in control, cooking your food, doing your workouts, not boozing every single night of the week. It’s about getting results, and not being hungry. So many diets are low calorie, you starve yourself. Mine’s about eating more food to burn fat. It’s long term.”