Find out how to Fight Poor Motion in Your Higher Physique Coaching


Poor motion high quality is a pandemic amongst athletes, and while lots of them are capable of establish their very own weaknesses and imbalances, I’m all the time stunned by athletes’ reluctance to handle and treatment them. It appears to be a lot more durable for them to be humble and regress to mastering the fundamentals than it’s to raise heavy shit and muscle their manner via a exercise.


For one of the best leads to your higher physique work, you should basically right your motion. (Picture: Pixabay)


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Mobility, stability, and motor management play a vital function in an athlete’s capability to carry out and keep damage free. Mobility is the diploma of uninhibited vary of movement round a joint, and stability is the resistance provided by muscle tissues, ligaments, and tendons surrounding that joint to guard it towards damage.


Motor management refers back to the physique’s functionality to take sensory enter from the setting and execute the right muscle co-ordination in response. Mobility, stability, and motor management are all inter-related within the human physique, with most motion high quality points arising from issues inside this trifecta.


Fixing Poor Motion within the Higher Physique

On this article we’re going to take a look at the way to enhance motion high quality within the higher physique with mobility, stability, and motor management targeted workouts. Sports activities-specific wants apart, the majority of my preliminary programming for my shoppers’ higher physique work focuses on the posterior chain, and there is no change right here. I consider in lengthening the entrance and strengthening the again of the physique first.


Carry out the workouts under to ensure you’re hitting the proper muscle tissues on the proper instances to enhance your efficiency and cut back your damage threat when coaching your higher physique. These workouts will enhance your total mobility, stability, and motor management and ensure your trifecta stays stable.


Bear in mind:


Mobility + Stability + Motor Management = Right Elementary Motion Patterns

Let’s check out mobility first.



Restricted vary of movement compromises essentially the most fundamental of motion patterns, as tightness impacts the power to have interaction the proper muscle tissues in the proper sequential order.


This inevitably results in imbalance and damage as compensation by extra dominant muscle tissues happens. In case your higher again is motion restricted, your decrease again will compensate for it, resulting in instability, ache and damage.


Higher Physique Mobility Points

Within the higher physique, widespread mobility points embody tight pectorals, inside rotators, stiffness within the serratus anterior, and blocking of the thoracic backbone.



These points make it very tough to maintain a proud chest and energetic again in actions equivalent to Olympic weightlifting. It may also be arduous to attract the shoulder blades collectively throughout pulling actions equivalent to pull ups.


Let’s check out some workouts you possibly can implement into your program to alleviate higher physique mobility points.


Higher Physique Mobility Options: 1. Mobilize the Thoracic Backbone with a Foam Curler

One of many easiest methods to mobilize the thoracic backbone is to make use of a foam curler. Stiffness or blocking within the thoracic backbone impacts respiratory and posture and reduces the vary of shoulder motion, notably when lifting overhead because it adjustments the place of the shoulder blade on the rib cage.



Roll from the higher trapezius all the best way all the way down to the underside rib. Carry out with a impartial backbone, then in extension. Keep away from the neck or cervical backbone space on the prime.


For additional launch, you too can use this methodology with two tennis balls taped collectively in a determine of eight to isolate and mobilize every vertebral joint.


Higher Physique Mobility Options: 2. Mobilize the Serratus Anterior with a Foam Curler

The serratus anterior is accountable for holding the scapula to the rib cage. A decent serratus anterior is extra widespread than you assume, and performs a serious function in pulling the shoulder ahead. It’s also possible to use a foam curler to mobilize this space.



Begin at your backside rib and roll throughout the muscle fibers from again to entrance. Repeat for every rib.


You possibly can foam roll pre or put up exercise, on restoration days, and earlier than mattress. I discover that spending 10-15 minutes concentrating on particular areas earlier than a dynamic heat as much as be essentially the most useful. To realize one of the best mobility positive aspects, Andy Ginn suggests releasing the serratus anterior earlier than concentrating on the pecs and inside rotators with dynamic heat up mobility sequences just like the one I’ve given under.


Higher Physique Mobility Options: three. Open the Chest and Shoulders with a Dynamic Heat Up

For a normal opening of the chest and shoulders, I favour utilizing a resistance band within the easy mobility sequence I’ve given on this video.



Carry out 10 reps of every train proven right here. These variations of the shoulder dislocate are impressed by my expertise with The Actual Motion Mission. They open the chest and the entrance of the shoulders first, earlier than engaged on retraction and drawing the shoulder blades in direction of the backbone.


I like to recommend finishing this sequence after foam rolling earlier than all exercises involving the higher physique.


Stability and Motor Management

Stability is quick integrity round a joint within the presence of full vary of movement. Stabilizers are reflex dependent and depend on motor management reasonably than energy to operate correctly. Motor management and stability are co-dependent, which is why I’ve put these two parts collectively.


The easiest way to enhance stabilization is to enhance motor management. In case your alignment is nice and your physique place is the place it needs to be in your higher physique actions, your mind will robotically fireplace the focused muscle tissues to present you integrity, joint compression, and an ideal axis of rotation round which your main movers can do their job successfully.


Higher Physique Stability and Motor Management Points

The commonest motion fault I see within the higher physique is dominance and over-development of the higher traps. This may very well be resulting from purposefully coaching the muscle with workouts like shoulder shrugs, or via power poor posture and reinforcing poor motion patterns via quantity or load. Your higher traps are more than likely dominant for those who spherical your shoulders in your pulling actions or shrug your shoulders when urgent overhead.


Overactive higher traps over time can turn into uncomfortable rigidity across the neck, attainable rigidity complications and within the worst instances, power irritation and ache. You could discover ways to reduce the involvement of the higher traps and recruit the mid traps and rhomboids, the decrease traps, and the exterior rotators. A weak and/or unstable shoulder girdle is not going to solely have an effect on your main higher physique lifts. It may well additionally have an effect on your decrease physique compound workouts just like the entrance squat and deadlift.


Let’s check out some workouts you possibly can implement into your program to enhance your higher physique stability and motor management points.


Higher Physique Stability and Motor Management Options: 1. The T3 Elevate

One in every of my greatest takeaways from studying below Charles Poliquin was the T3 Elevate and its contribution to scapular stability. If the scapula fails to stabilize, shoulder advanced operate is inefficient, which ends up in decreased neuromuscular efficiency and damage within the shoulder space. Stablizing the scapula prevents this and enhances motor management on this space of the physique.


I discover that performing this as a single arm variation permits me to really feel my decrease traps have interaction extra in my exercise. When your decrease traps have interaction within the T3 Elevate, you need to get a pinching feeling proper beneath the shoulder blade that refers contralaterally down and throughout in direction of the alternative hip.



Begin with the hand immediately beneath the shoulder. I prefer to exaggerate the preliminary motion by reaching my fingertips towards the bottom in protraction earlier than retracting the shoulder blade. Maintain the retraction while the arm strikes as excessive as attainable at a 45 diploma angle, with the thumb up. Maintain the arm as straight as attainable. Pause on the prime, then decrease with management earlier than repeating. Make sure that to maintain the hips and shoulders stage all through and to brace the backbone.


Begin together with your weaker arm, and for those who fail at a particular repetition, simply full the identical quantity on the opposite facet. This can be a nice train to handle any imbalances you might have within the scapular space.


Carry out two units of 12-15 reps and superset the T3 Elevate and the Sidelying Exterior Rotation train given under. The T3 Elevate could be carried out earlier than or after your exercise.


Higher Physique Stability and Motor Management Options: 2. Sidelying Exterior Rotation

Exterior rotation is likely one of the most necessary parts of any higher physique coaching program for postural energy and damage prevention. The rotator cuff tendons present stability to the shoulder, and the muscle tissues enable for rotation of the shoulder. As exterior rotation is just not immediately addressed as a part of another train, it should be labored in isolation.


Sidelying exterior rotation is arguably the simplest exterior rotation train to carry out, as you should use the wall to align all the physique appropriately and for a tactile cue to sign the highest of the motion. As a suggestion,you need to be capable to full one repetition utilizing 10% of your 1RM bench press weight in accordance with Poliquin’s structural steadiness ratio.



Lie in your facet together with your heels aligned to your sacrum and the again of your shoulder blades. Relaxation your head in your forearm, and draw the stomach button in. Hips and shoulders needs to be stacked. Bend the highest arm to 90 levels and place the elbow on the highest of the hip bone. That is your pivot level. Full vary of movement for this train is from inside rotation (hand and forearm transferring throughout the physique in direction of the bottom) to exterior rotation (forearm and hand pointing in direction of the ceiling). Try to maintain the shoulder from rolling forwards on the inner rotation, and squeeze the again of the shoulder on the prime of the motion.


Begin together with your weaker arm, and for those who fail at a particular repetition, simply full the identical quantity on the opposite facet. This can be a nice train to handle any imbalances you might have within the shoulder space.


Carry out two units of 12-15 reps and superset the T3 Elevate and the Sidelying Exterior Rotation. Just like the T3 Elevate, the Sidelying Exterior Rotation could be carried out earlier than or after your exercise.


Higher Physique Stability and Motor Management Options: three. The Hanging Retraction

The Hanging Retraction is my favourite pre-pullup drill. A great cue for this train is shoulders large, sternum up. In addition to a pull up bar or rig, you too can carry out this train on a lat pulldown machine.



Seize the bar and are available right into a lifeless grasp with a barely wider than shoulder-width grip. Make sure that your lats are in a stretched place and your elbows are locked. From the beginning place, provoke the motion by attempting to tug your shoulder blades down, resisting the temptation to unlock your elbows. Pull the shoulder blades down, squeeze, then return below management to the beginning place.


Carry out one set of 6-Eight reps earlier than doing pullups or any higher physique targeted exercise.


Transfer Effectively Now for Dividends within the Future

The significance of addressing your motion high quality within the higher physique can’t be overstated. Mobility is the muse upon which motor management, stability, energy, and energy is predicated, however simply having the mobility to carry out a sure motion doesn’t imply that you’ve the motion information to carry out these actions appropriately.


To construct this information, you should groove correct motion patterning till the motion turns into automated. With these workouts, you are taking step one towards getting there.


When you can’t transfer effectively, you possibly can’t transfer successfully, and you’ll wrestle to make any positive aspects in your higher physique coaching. By no means sacrifice your type for load, quantity, or velocity. Bear in mind it’s not apply that makes excellent. It’s excellent apply that makes excellent.


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