7 Workouts to Bulletproof Your Shoulders


As a coach for 10 years, I’d say two of the most typical limiting elements in athletic growth are hips and shoulders.


Immediately, it’s time to speak shoulders.



Particularly, learn how to get them stronger, extra versatile and extra secure to have the ability to do all of the cool tips, like overhead actions akin to jerks and snatches, and inverted actions like handstands—if that’s what you want. Or, in case you simply need to preserve wholesome shoulders…


First issues first, nevertheless, I need to present a warning: In case you’re legitimately injured—possibly you may have an undiagnosed labrum or supraspinatus tear that you’ve got by no means bothered wanting into regardless of fixed ache (cough, cough…if that is you, you need to in all probability look into it)—these workout routines will in all probability do extra harm than good.


However, in case you’re simply trying to iron out muscle imbalances, enhance mobility so you will get into higher positions, and strengthen and stabilize comparatively wholesome shoulders, give these workout routines a strive after your coaching session, and even as a part of your warm-up.


1. Single Arm Dumbbell Excessive Pulls

Although you are able to do these with two arms, I just like the single-arm DB excessive pull because it exposes any muscular or purposeful mobility imbalances instantly.


Stand along with your toes shoulder width aside. Begin with the DB at your waist and drive it straight as much as your collarbone, main with the elbow the entire time. Concentrate on holding your physique sq. (don’t rotate in any respect) and pull straight up—versus driving your elbows again—as in case you’re zipping up a shirt. This can make sure you get some inner rotation as you pull.


Go as heavy as you may for three units of 10 per aspect. Or persist with a bit of lighter weight and hit an @2222 tempo (2 second to tug, 2 seconds to carry on the prime, 2 seconds to decrease and a couple of seconds on the backside).


Dumbbell High Pull Position 1

Place 1



Dumbbell High Pull Position 2

Last Place



2. Lean and Loiter

It is a nice drill for getting all of the stabilizing muscle groups round your shoulder blades to fireplace laborious.


Stand just a few inches from a wall and easily lean again into the wall with solely the guidelines of your elbows touching the wall. In case you’re not feeling a lot of a problem, take a step or two. This could really feel such as you’re preventing on your life to cease your arms and again from collapsing onto the wall. In case you do collapse, you’re a bit of removed from the wall.


Attempt 2 to three units of 30 seconds as distant from the wall as you may.


Lean and Loiter


three. Shoulder Flexion Stretch

Place a drugs ball in the course of your again and lay supine on prime of it. Seize a dowel or a lightweight barbell and press it overhead to the highest of a strict press place. Be sure you maintain your ribcage from flairing out (i.e. maintain spinal extension to a minimal) and press the bar as far behind you as you may whereas sustaining this impartial place. The additional your palms are aside, the better the stretch. The nearer your palms are collectively, the extra intense the stretch.


Maintain for 1 minute earlier than a shoulder intense exercise to entry a bit of extra vary of movement within the shoulders.


Shoulder Flexion Stretch


four. Shoulder Extension Stretch

Merely sit down along with your knees bent and your toes flat on the bottom and attain as far behind you as you may with you palms, all of the whereas holding your arms straight. Make sure that your fingers are going through away out of your torso. The nearer your palms are collectively, the deeper the stretch.


Maintain for 1 minute on the finish of your exercise.


Shoulder Extension Stretch


5. Supinated Grip Deadhang Maintain

Identical to the title says, it’s a deadhang maintain with a supinated (or chin-up) grip. As you dangle, maintain your shoulders lively and give attention to holding your toes collectively, your pelvis turned up (such as you’re making an attempt to pee in your face. How’s that for a visible?) and your ribcage down. In different phrases, goal for an ideal hole physique place.


Maintain for two units of 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Deadhang Hold


6. Plank Shoulder Faucet Variations

There are tons of variations for these. You are able to do them in a bent-knee plank along with your knees one inch from the bottom, or you may strive them in a conventional plank. You can even attain up and over your head with a straight arm, or contact your hand to your hip as an alternative of to your shoulder. In all variations, the concept is to maintain your hips regular with as little motion as potential by means of your torso.


Begin with three units of 10 faucets per arm.


Take a look at the video beneath for these variations.



7. Yoga Push-up

Once more, there are tons of variations of those, however I like this one: It includes three positions.


First, decrease your self into the underside of the push-up (place one), after which maintain your hips low and lift your shoulders so you find yourself with an prolonged backbone (place two), and at last drive your bum into the air and push your head by means of your arms till you’re feeling a shoulder stretch (place three). Be sure you maintain your knees straight as you get into this third place.



Good luck and maintain these shoulders!




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